Engage a professional who will serve your divorce papers with expert sensitivity.
Let us manage the service of your divorce papers 

Getting a divorce can be stressful.  Even though you will have lived apart for more than two years (as is required in New Zealand before applying for a divorce), this often doesn't always mean a straightforward, simple process.

We have extensive experience handling with sensitivity the service of dissolution of marriage proceedings. 


We work closely with the family court for dissolutions so are very familiar with their process and  requirements.  We understand the paperwork (it looks more confusing than it is!), and our specialised service includes completing as much of this as possible for you, and we can guide you where necessary.

If a person decides to be evasive, or is difficult to locate, we can help with options to ensure service is effected.

We are with you right through the whole process, from when the the court issues the documents for service, right though to the filing after completion - the final step.

Signing Contract
If BOTH you and your 
partner want a divorce

Both you and your partner can ASK the Court for a Marriage of Dissolution Order together.

If you agree to appear in court together the Dissolution Order can be made on the day. 


If you decide not to go to court, the court will make the Order and you will be legally divorced 1 month later.

Two types of applications...
If only ONE of you
wants a divorce

You will need to ask the Family Court to make a decision (known as APPLYING for an Order). 


The Family Court then issues documents that you need to ensure are SERVED PERSONALLY on your ex partner.

You cannot serve them yourself.

And that is where we come in... 

Why use a professional... why not just ask a friend??
Avoid awkward confrontations

As an independent party we are not personally involved in what can often be an emotional time. You may find asking a family member or friend awkward - for one of both of the parties.    

We understand court requirements

Our team of professional process servers are aware of court rules around when the documents can be served. And we know what paperwork is required to confirm service was effected.

Impartial to the proceedings

Process servers are not party to the proceedings and have no vested interest in the outcome. We often find the Respondent is happier to be served by a unbiased third party.

What if the Respondent is currently living overseas?

It is essential that a full procurement of the service process being offered in another country is completed before proceeding with service.  In some countries process servers do not exist (i.e. Brazil), in some countries the process server is unable by law to complete a New Zealand drafted affidavit of service (i.e. France).  If we are unable to prove service was effected to the satisfaction of the New Zealand Family Court then other service methods may need to be considered.


We have experience serving dissolution of marriage documents in a number of countries overseas, including but not limited to Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga. 

Ready to go?...Send us...

Paperwork from the Family Court headed up "Notice to Respondent".


Blank Affidavit of Service (Form G8) and Affidavit of Identification, the court should supply you with a copy.


Address for service and any relevant background information.


Photo of respondent.

Once served we will return to you... 

  • Affidavit of Service
    This will be completed and sworn at court by the process server 

  • Affidavit of Identification
    We will complete as much of this for you as possible

You then need to 


  • Take the Affidavit of Service and Affidavit of Identification to your local JP or district court to swear.

  • Return Affidavit of Service and Affidavit of Identification to the Wellington Family Court, before the due date of the files review.

Our team can guide you on this process.

How to send us your documents
  1. Email:

  2. Post:   P.O. Box 71063, Rosebank, Auckland 1348

What if you don't have the address for the Respondent - or they decide to be evasive?

Even if you don't know the home address of your ex-partner, there are other resources we can use to try and locate them. 

We recently engaged a process server in the United Kingdom to serve dissolution papers on a New Zealander living there.  After several attempts at service it was established that the Respondent was actively avoiding service.  We suggested the Applicant apply for an order for substituted service by way of Facebook and provided supporting evidence that the Respondent was active on Facebook. The order was granted, and we served the Respondent via Facebook, providing the New Zealand Family Court with a supporting affidavit of service.


If you are considering engaging a process server to serve your documents you want to know that they will keep a thorough history of all service attempts – in the event that an application for substituted service is required. And even better, if they have the ability to prepare this information for you to make the application for substituted service straight forward.

"I found the service excellent."
W Thompson, Barrister and Solicitor