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Send us...

Paperwork from the Family Court headed up "Notice to Respondent".

Blank Affidavit of Service (Form G8), the court should supply you with a copy.

Address for service and any relevant background information.

​Photo of respondent.

Once served we will... 

Complete the Affidavit of Service and swear to the service before a Court Registrar.

​Prepare the Affidavit of Identification for you to sign (required because we do not personally know the individual).

How to send us your documents

'Dissolving a marriage or civil union’ is the legal term for divorce. The Family Court can end your marriage or civil union by making a Dissolution Order.


We have extensive experience handling with sensitivity the service of dissolution of marriage proceedings. We understand the documentation and know what the courts require. 

Why use a professional?
  • As an independent party we are not personally involved in what can often be an emotional time. You may find asking a family member or friend awkward - for one of both of the parties.    

  • We know what the Family Court requires and can also guide you on what paperwork you need to complete.  

  • Our team of professional process servers are aware of when your documents can/ cannot be served, i.e. court documents cannot be served on certain days or public holidays.

The Family Court (usually in Wellington) manages Dissolution of Marriage applications

In New Zealand the Family Court has the authority to legally end (dissolve) your marriage/ civil union once you and you partner have lived apart for a minimum of two years.  

If you have children together the court must be satisfied that arrangements have been made for their day-to-day care and other aspects of their welfare.

There are two types of dissolution applications...

1. If both you and your partner want a divorce...

If you have grounds to do so, both you and your partner ASK the Family Court for a Marriage of Dissolution Order. Apply for a divorce - when you both agree.

2. If only one of you wants a divorce...

You will need to ask the Family Court to make a decision. This is known an APPLYING for an Order. If you are applying for an Order, you (or your lawyer) become responsible for ensuring that your application documents are SERVED on the other person. You cannot serve them yourself.  Apply for a divorce - on your own

Overseas Service

We can help if you need documents served on a party overseas. We have a team of international agents, please contact us to discuss further.

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