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What is Process Serving?

In New Zealand all parties facing legal action or named as a defendant in any legal proceedings must be notified.

This notification is known as service of process. 

Depending on the nature of the case, the court documents may need to be personally delivered by hand (usually by a pre-determined date set by the court) allowing a suitable timeframe for the recipient to respond.

In addition to delivering the documents the process server must first get the recipient to acknowledge their identity, and in many cases get a signed proof of service.

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Advantages of using a
professional Process Server
Understand NZ court rules

Process servers understand the various and often complicated rules of process serving.

i.e. company serve vs personal service.

Impartial to the proeedings

Process servers are not party to the proceedings in question and have no vested interest in the outcome. Therefore all parties are treated respectfully & court guidelines adhered to.

Serve correctly first time

A good process server will ensure documents are served correctly in accordance with court rules. i.e legal documents must be served on appropriate days & at specific times.

Avoid awkward

Often a Respondent will appreciate an impartial third party person serving them rather than a family member, ex employer, ex staff member, landlord

or tenant.

Network of Agents

Have access to a wide network of other process servers both, nationally and internationally, thereby being able to easily get papers served in other jurisdictions.

Can help locate individuals

Process servers will have access to additional tools and networks to locate a subject. Including local online databases (i.e. property searches, credit searches), and knowledge to made wide ranging trace enquiries.

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For over 30 years Docuserve NZ has been serving legal documents for... 


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  • government agencies

  • the private sector 

We understand that we are acting as an extension of you, therefore take all steps necessary to ensure you and your organisation are represented in the most professional manner at all times.


With a ‘back to basics’ set of values when it comes to ethics and standards, we operate professionally, discreetly and respectfully.


All documents are delivered as fast as possible and are considered urgent. We offer a fast, reliable and professional nationwide and international service. 

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