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Over 30 years experience, industry experts


Established in 1988 we are one of the oldest process serving companies in Auckland. 

We work with

  • solicitors and law firms

  • banks and finance companies

  • government agencies

  • the private sector

Instant updates LIVE from the field in real time


We use the latest serve management technology to record the status of your case.


Receive notifications in real time, straight from our agents, where possible we take a GPS verified timestamp to ensure accountability of service. 

Personalised service... you are not just number!

We will build a unique profile of your specific requirements, so that each time you require a service, you can trust us to just get on with it.

Auckland based process servers, we offer an URGENT pickup and delivery service. 
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  • Family proceedings, Protection Orders

  • Notice of Proceedings, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Liquidation Notices

  • Property Law Act Notices, Termination of Lease

  • Employment (ERA) documents

  • Summons to Witness

  • Trespass Notices

  • Dissolution of Marriage (divorce)

  • Charging documents

Not sure how to correctly serve DIVORCE PAPERS or a TRESPASS NOTICE?
We'll manage the entire process so you don’t have to. 


Established in 1988 Docuserve NZ specialises in serving legal documents, with a long standing reputation for delivering an efficient, prompt and professional service.

Originally Docuserve was operated by two brothers who were studying law. To pay their way through law school they served documents at night and had a small, but very loyal customer base. They became known for their prompt, customer focused service.

Since those early days Docuserve has become a well-known proven partner to law firms and solicitors; banks and government agencies; and private sector for legal support services. Although times and technology may have changed, the same values instilled by the Docuserve founding brothers are still employed to this very day.

With time sensitive material and fast approaching court dates and deadlines, you need a team that you can rely on to get the service done, quickly accurately and diligently.


Our dedicated process servers will provide you with constant communication throughout the entire process and all documents are handled with the strictest confidence.