Each service is unique and our team treat all matters with the required sensitivity.


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We use latest serve management technology

All our files are managed in a secure online system that ensures accountability and compliance for our clients. Our software can store a GPS-verified timestamp of service attempt locations, instructions, documents, photos and respondent details for future reference. And because of the inbuilt collaboration tool both agents and clients can view the status of a file at any time.

All documents are delivered as fast as possible and are considered urgent.

At Docuserve we pride ourselves on our rapid response to serve your documents. We offer an urgent document pick-up and delivery service, upon request. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Personalised Approach

We understand that we are acting as an extension of you, therefore take all steps necessary to ensure you and your organisation are represented in the most professional manner at all times. With a ‘back to basics’ set of values when it comes to ethics and standards, we operate professionally, discreetly and respectfully.   

Professional Proof of Service

Our experienced team can provide proof of service and will ensure that you have an airtight affidavit of service. Save time, let our in-house admin team professionally prepare these documents to meet your legal requirements. On time critical matters an urgent swearing service is available.

Professional Team

Our team are all industry experienced in document service. Professionally trained to high standards, the result is service of your documents with an absolute minimum of attempts. We will ensure your documents are served right, first time.

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Universal Service

With agents throughout New Zealand, Australia and worldwide affiliates we take the hassle out of dealing with multiple process serving companies. We can manage all your document service requirements faster and at a better rate than if you were dealing with numerous agents yourself.

"Thank you for your efficient and professional service!

P Cobcroft, Barrister