Leading serve management software you can count on

At Docuserve we use a leading international serve management system to manage all our jobs, ensuring all key information is saved in one, secure, and easily accessible place. Designed specifically for process servers and law firms, it has a number of key features that we believe set it apart from all other systems available on the market.

Key Features of our Serve Management Software – Serve Manager

Job/ File Management Capabilities

In addition to recording the name and address of the person being served we can…

  • Store all relevant information relating to a court case in one place, including the court dates and due dates for service.
  • Add in detailed instructions for the agents to follow.
  • Store details of Respondents that can be searched for at a later date, including photos and phone numbers.
  • Attach the documents for service.
Client Portal Features

We offer our clients the ability to collaborate with us. You can access the serve management system to…

  • Upload your own documents electronically (great if you have large PDF files that are difficult to send via standard email).
  • Track active files and view updates from our agents online in real time.
  • Look back on file history notes.
  • View invoices to see what is issued, paid, owing.
Client Updates/ Service Reports

Our agents can

  • Send you service updates and reports LIVE from the field in real time – essential for time sensitive documents.
  • Take a GPS- verified timestamp (where possible) at the time of service to ensure accountability of the service. Click here to learn more about this technology.
  • Take photos (or video) at the time of service and save directly into the job file.

We have templates set up to enable us to produce court approved affidavits as required.

The Docuserve Process

SEND us the documents and service instructions. We will confirm receipt and dispatch to one of our service agents.
TRACK the progress of your file online in real time using our customer portal (optional).
SERVE Receive a LIVE update from the field (where appropriate) of service details.
REPORT & CLOSE We provide a thorough service report of all activity and affidavit of service (if required).

All our clients work slightly differently. Using this system, we are able to record your personal preferences, so next time you require a service of documents – you can trust us to just get on with it.

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