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A Guide to Document Service And Social Media

Over the last five years we have seen social media applications, such as Facebook, being used more regularly as another option for serving documents, and this has increased even more post Covid19.

Client Portal for Collaborating

For a number of years we have had the option for clients to collaborate with us – through our client portal. This is a great feature that allows you to track and view your jobs with us online, in real time.

History of process serving

Every person who has been charged with an offence, or is involved in a proceeding, must be notified in order for them to respond to the allegation. This is an individual’s legal right, and this is where process servers often come in.

Leading serve management software you can count on

we use a leading international serve management system to manage all our jobs, ensuring all key information is saved in one, secure, and easily accessible place. Designed specifically for process servers and law firms, it has a number of key features that we believe set it apart from all other systems available on the market.

Process Serving Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are thinking about engaging a process server here are the answers to a few questions we get frequently asked that may help. Talk to us today about how we can help get your documents served.

What types of documents do we serve?

We serve documents issued by all New Zealand Courts including… The High Court, District Court, Family Court, Employment Court, Environment Court, and the Disputes Tribunal.

Personal Service – still best practice for document service

ven with advances in technology and the ability now to easily communicate instantly with one another electronically across the globe, when it comes to legal matters and notifying parties of proceedings – personal service is still considered best practice.

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